Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NAB 2010: Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production - FREE EVENT!

For those of us bashing our heads against the wall in an effort to create a working blu-ray disc this is for you. Serious downside, it was scheduled the same night as the FCPUG Super meet .
As much as i'd like to attend both FCPUG is gonna win my Tuesday night attention.
Well just because I'm not going doesn't mean you can't.
 Here's the announcement and a link at the bottom to register to attend.
 Did i mention it's FREE!

NAB 2010
Cutting the Drama out of Blu-ray Production
A Blu-ray industry event presented by NetBlender
Tuesday, April 13, 1pm - 3:00pm
Renaissance Hotel
NetBlender is pleased to present an informative Blu-ray industry event at NAB 2010. The program will address three hot questions that every post-production facility, DVD author and independent producer should be asking:
  • How do I make Blu-ray production profitable for my business?
  • What is Blu-ray 3D and how do I produce it?
  • How will NetBlender's DoStudio 2.0 address the evolving needs of the Blu-ray community?
Program Overview:

Making Blu-ray profitable for your Independent Post Facility
Your competition is getting into Blu-ray production now but you still have questions about how to make Blu-ray profitable for your company. You don't want to be left behind while others make the most of the Blu-ray opportunity. Hear from producer, entrepreneur and Blu-ray maven Tony Laughton about his experience with Blu-ray production and how he is making Blu-ray work for his company, Promo Scape.
3D Focus: Blu-ray 3D
You've seen Avatar. You've seen the 3D hype from CES. But you can't yet see how 3D fits in your production workflow. Don't worry, you're not alone. Join us for an informative session about the technical issues and creative opportunities that 3D distribution offers.
This 3D Focus event is presented in partnership with BluFocus.
DoStudio 2.0 Introduction
NetBlender's DoStudio Blu-ray Disc authoring suite turns two years old this year and we are pleased to announce the release of DoStudio 2.0 at NAB 2010! In response to your feedback and feature requests we have enhanced the most innovative Blu-ray authoring tool in the industry with new powerful playlist features, more time-saving authoring features and an ecosystem of partner products that work with the DoStudio platform. Come and see for yourself how NetBlender is Cutting the Drama out of Blu-ray Production.

NAB 2010: Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production - Eventbrite

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